Thursday, November 1, 2007

Affleck Creates Masterpiece

After such recent flops over the past few years such as Gigi, Surviving Christmas, and Daredevil, Ben Affleck makes his directorial debut in his extraordinary new crime drama, Gone Baby Gone. Revisiting his screenplay writing days of Good Will Hunting, Affleck teams up with Aoran Stockard and Dennis Lehane and delivers a gripping storyline full of captivating twists and turns. Both the writing and directing of Ben Affleck are Oscar worthy. A native of the town himself, Affleck sets Gone Baby Gone in his hometown of Boston, and as a creative way of capturing the authentisity of the area, he recruited many actual residents to play small roles and stand-in parts. Ben took a break from acting in this movie, and gave the main role to his brother, Casey Affleck. His acting was adequate, but it wasn't a terrific performance. 138

Casey Affleck plays a private investigater who is working on a case of a missing girl. Although he isn't the greatest actor, Casey was teamed up with a cast that included Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris. Morgan Freeman's part was smaller than he usually plays as he wasn't present during the whole plot of the movie, however it was a very important role and figured into one of the most important twists in the movie. Ed Harris delivered an extraordinarily impressive performance as a troubled cop who turns out to be corrupt. There is a great deal of conflict in the characters' lives as they are affected by the case of this missing girl, but this straying away from the plot to deal with individual characters' personal lives is done very tastefully, and actually figures into the main plot and presents motivation for their actions in the movie.

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